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What makes Pure Endurance different from other aerobic capacity programs?


All of our athletes undergo testing on BikeErg, Rower, SkiErg, Assault Bike and running on the track to determine their fitness level. Then each workout has prescribed intensities and time domains to target a specific metabolic system. This guarantees that our athletes achieve physiological changes that allow them to go faster, produce more power and last longer than their competition.

You will NEVER see a workout like this:
8 Rounds
C2Bike 750m @ moderate pace + 250m at easy pace

You will ALWAYS see a workout like this:
8 Rounds
C2Bike 750m @ 85% of FTP (functional threshold power) + 250m @ 60% of FTP

This ensures that we are training at the exact intensity needed to yield the desired training effect. Terms like hard, moderate, easy are too vague and often lead to overtraining, undertraining or a plateau in performance. Don’t know your FTP on the C2Bike?

Free Workout Of The Week:

C2Bike FTP Test
Warm-up for 10 minutes on the bike. Reset the monitor to zero and change the display to view watts. Then ride as hard as possible (max distance) for 20 minutes. Record the average wattage for the 20 minute time trial. Multiple your average wattage by .95 and that is your FTP.

FYI – The FTP Tests for the SkiErg, Rower and Assault bike are all different. Stay tuned for more testing!