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VO2max v Lactate Threshold Series Part III

Even though your VO2max can be limited by your genetics there are multiple physiological factors that will boost performance and maximize your athletic potential. Training at specific intensities and intervals physiological adaptations that increase your performance.

-Cells (mitochondria specifically) become more efficient at producing energy
-Improve the ability to buffer hydrogen which increases acidity in your muscle causing them to burn (more on this topic to come).
-Increase muscles ability to store glycogen needed for energy production
-Increase fatigue resistance
-Improve psychological factors

Free Workout of The Week:

“80 Percent”
4x200m @ 400m pace ; Rest 60s between
2x400m @ 400m pace + 10s ; Rest 90s between
1x800m @ 1 mile pace ; Rest 3 minutes between
1x1600m @ 5k Pace