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Are You A Balanced Athlete?

Do you love the high intensity, heavy load and short duration workout and fear a workout that will last greater than 20 minutes? Do you get excited when you see a long chipper with running, burpees and box jumps on the whiteboard?

Our goal is to identify and address your metabolic weaknesses and enhance your strengths to make you a more well-rounded and balanced athlete. To do this; every athlete will complete a series of tests to determine their metabolic efficiency and identify potential imbalances.

So, what are the three metabolic pathways?

1. Anaerobic – Phosphocreatine System
This system utilizes ATP stored in the muscle cells and doesn’t require any oxygen. As a result it can produce a lot of energy for approximately 10-20 seconds.

2. Glycolysis (Lactic Acid System or Anaerobic Glycolysis)
After about 20 seconds of work you start to move into glycolysis. You begin to breakdown carbohydrates that are stored in your blood to create energy. This system is good for a medium amount of energy and medium amounts of time (20s to 2-3 minutes). Because this system doesn’t use oxygen the lactic acid will build in your muscles causing you to slow down.

3. Oxidative System (Aerobic Glycolysis)
Anything over 2-4 minutes will require oxygen to maintain your pace and intensity. Your body will use oxygen to breakdown carbohydrates first then free fatty acids to produce energy. Athletes that can go long durations at low to moderate intensities have a well developed oxidative system.

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Rowing Test

10 second Peak Power vs. 2k Row Time Trial


Set the drag factor on the rower to 200. Warm-up for 5 minutes on the row to gradually increase your HR. You should be breathing hard by the end of the 5 minutes. Set you monitor to the wattage screen. Row as hard as you can for 10 seconds and record the highest wattage that you saw on the screen.

Rest 5 minutes

Now, perform a MAX EFFORT 2k row time trial. Record the time as well as average wattage for the 2k.

**Where do you stack up? Your 10 second all out power watts should be 173-175% of the 2k average watts.