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Lactic Acid Can Be Your Friend!

Has anyone ever told you that your muscles are sore after training from lactic acid build-up? Well…that isn’t all true. The majority of muscle soreness after training is due to DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) which is a different topic for another day. During intense exercise we do know that your muscles become more acidic (pH decreases) because there is a lack of oxygen which is responsible for breaking down lactic acid (lactate).

Lactate is actually a fuel source. Your body shuttles lactic acid to your liver which can convert it to glucose (sugar) and then back to your muscles to use for energy. Recent research has shown that our cells (the mitochondria in particular) can utilize lactate to produce energy as well. When athletes train at the correct intervals and intensity they can improve their bodies ability to recycle lactate and use it to produce more energy.

Do you know your Lactate Threshold (LT)?

Knowing your lactate threshold allows you to train at the proper intensity to create adaptation. Push too hard and lactic acid builds fast causing the muscle to fatigue prematurely; too easy and your body removes lactic acid too quickly. Both result in poor adaptation.

All Pure Endurance members will undergo lactate threshold testing. This allows us to prescribe workouts that ensure you are training at the proper intensity and intervals to create adaptations that will help you perform better in the gym.
Do you love the high intensity, heavy load and short duration workout and fear a workout that will last greater than 20 minutes? Do you get excited when you see a long chipper with running, burpees and box jumps on the whiteboard?

Our goal is to identify and address your metabolic weaknesses and enhance your strengths to make you a more well-rounded and balanced athlete. To do this; every athlete will complete a series of tests to determine their metabolic efficiency and identify potential imbalances.

Free Workout of The Week:

Lactate Threshold Assault Bike
4 Rounds of:
40 Calories Assault Bike

The first round should be a 8-9/10 effort which you should be yelling “Make it STOP” by the end of the 40 calories. Perform 2 minutes of an easy spin between each round. Your goal is to keep all rounds within 5 seconds of your first round.